Water Tank Cleaning Services in Dubai

Professional Water Tank Cleaning Services in Dubai

A recent study showed that 18 out of 40 household water tanks tested in Dubai had bacteria levels exceeding local and international water quality standards.

Dubai Municipality recommends that residential water tanks be cleaned at least once every six months, yet its importance is overlooked by many Dubai residents due to a lack of awareness.

At Endeavor Clean we provide eco-friendly water tank cleaning in Dubai that eliminates all types of contaminants.

Our professional tank cleaning solutions are certified by Dubai Municipality and carried out by experienced technicians to guarantee water cleanliness for your daily bathing, food preparation, and general household use.

Why is it Important to Clean Your Tank?

According to DEWA, over 98.8% of Dubai’s drinking water comes from desalination, with the remaining 1.2% sourced from underground wells. However, residents do not receive this water directly from the tap.

Instead, It’s distributed through a system of water tanks and pumps, which often leads to the accumulation of dirt and various contaminants over time.

This provides an ideal environment for bacteria like Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella gallinarum, and Escherichia coli to breed, leading to various water-borne diseases. 

Endeavor Clean technician performing water tank cleaning in Dubai

What Our Customers Say

Cecilia Humphreys


The team at Endeavor did an amazing job. The before and after photos showed a huge difference. Their team, especially a guy named abraham, was super detailed and explained everything to us. Glad we chose them. Definitely recommend!

Mutune Kilonzo


From start to finish, everything went smoothly. Jonathan and Namin from Endeavor cleaned our water tank which we hadn’t touched for years, and wow, what a difference! Totally recommend them to anyone. Big thanks to the whole team!

Rhian Clarke


I Booked a service from Endeavor for tank cleaning and pipeline disinfection for our villa. Abraham was super detailed and walked me through everything they did. They cleaned everything, including the pipes and even our tap filters. Highly recommend.

Signs Your Water Tank Needs Cleaning

If you notice any of the following signs your water tank needs to be cleaned to protect yourself.

Your water has an unpleasant taste or odor.

The water pressure in your home or office is low.

You can see sediment or other particles in the water.

Benefits of Water Tank Cleaning

Cleaning a water tank is an important aspect of maintaining a clean and healthy water supply. Here are some benefits of cleaning regularly.

Improved Water Quality

Cleaning helps remove disease-causing contaminants, leaving you with clean and safe water to drink.

Improved Water Pressure

A dirty tank can reduce the water pressure in your home or office, making it difficult to use appliances and fixtures.

Cost Savings

Regular cleaning of your tank can help prevent the need for costly repairs or replacements in the future.

Reduced Risk of Contamination

A dirty tank can be a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms, which can contaminate your home and cause illness.

Why Choose Endeavor for Water Tank Cleaning?

Expertise and Experience

Behind every clean task, there’s a team of real people with years of hands-on experience. 

Compliance with Regulations

We stick to the Dubai Municipality‘s rules not just because we have to, but because we genuinely care.

Customer Satisfaction

To us, you’re not just another job on the list. We’re dedicated to making sure you’re completely satisfied.

A professional cleaning water tank in Dubai

Our Dubai Municipality Certified Cleaning Process

1. Initial Inspection

We start by thoroughly inspecting your tank to identify any existing damage or contamination, ensuring we address all issues during the cleaning process.

2. Emptying The Tank

We empty the tank to approximately 1/4 of its capacity to prepare it for cleaning.

3. High-Pressure Jet Washing

Using high-pressure jetting, we will remove dirt, algae, and other build-ups from the tank’s surfaces, reaching every corner for a deep clean.

4. Scrubbing The Interior Surfaces with a Brush

We manually scrub the tank’s interior surfaces with durable brushes to eliminate stubborn residues, to make sure no spot was left.

5. Removing The Sludge

We collect and remove all mold, sludge, debris, and sediments that have settled at the bottom of the tank.

6. Rinse The Interior

We rinse the interior to wash away any remaining debris and cleaning solutions, preparing it for disinfection.

7. Disinfect with a DM-Approved Solution

We disinfect using a DM-approved solution, killing any bacteria or viruses to make sure your water is safe for use.

8. Rinse Again

We rinse again to ensure no disinfectant residue is left behind.

9. Final Inspection

We conduct a final inspection to confirm the cleanliness and prepare for the refill.

10. Refill The Tank

Finally, we refill the tank to check if it’s in good shape and ready for use.


Professional cleaners have the expertise and equipment to properly clean and disinfect your tank.

Check our article about the benefits of hiring water tank cleaning services in Dubai.

You can contact us through WhatsApp for a free quote on water tank cleaning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The cleaning process typically takes 2 to 6 hours, depending on the size of the tank and the extent of dirt and dust particles present.

Other services include chemical pipeline disinfection which helps remove contaminants from your pump system and water sample testing is provided.

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